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drag_indicator English Standard Version

Zechariah 1:15

15 And I am exceedingly angry with the nations that are at ease; for while I was angry but a little, they furthered the disaster.

drag_indicator King James Version

Zechariah 1:15, KJV

15  And I am very sore displeased with the heathen that are at ease:

For I was but a little displeased, and they helped forward the affliction.

drag_indicator New American Standard Bible

Zechariah 1:15, NASB

``But I am very angry with the nations who are at ease; for while I was only a little angry, they furthered the disaster."

drag_indicator New Living Translation

Zechariah 1:15, NLT

15But I am very angry with the other nations that are now enjoying peace and security. I was only a little angry with my people, but the nations inflicted harm on them far beyond my intentions.