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drag_indicator English Standard Version

Genesis 19:38

38 The younger also bore a son and called his name Ben-ammi.1 He is the father of the Ammonites to this day.


[1] 19:38 Ben-ammi means son of my people

drag_indicator King James Version

Genesis 19:38, KJV

38 And the younger, she also bare a son, and called his name Ben-ammi: the same is the father of the children of Ammon unto this day.

drag_indicator New American Standard Bible

Genesis 19:38, NASB

As for the younger, she also bore a son, and called his name Ben-ammi; he is the father of the sons of Ammon to this day.

drag_indicator New Living Translation

Genesis 19:38, NLT

38When the younger daughter gave birth to a son, she named him Ben-ammi.*19:38 Ben-ammi means “son of my kinsman.” He became the ancestor of the nation now known as the Ammonites.